About Tongln

Tongln is an online marketplace where users engage to sell, buy and swap new or used items.

Tongln was created for two reasons. To help both buyers and sellers to get the best deal for the items that they are trading, and to enable users to be aware of the positive effects they are having on the environment by using Tongln.

Tongln was born out of my university apartments which I shared with my mates in Tasmania. It was the end of our studies and we were all going to leave on our separate ways. When we looked around the apartments we saw that we had lots of books, games and clothes lying around, which we did not want to take back with us. We decided to organise one last house party before we left and try to raise money by selling all the stuff that was lying around. I took the responsibility to raise the money. So I took our books to the nearest bookseller: they only offered $20 for books which were retailing at $100 in the same shop. I took our games CD to the nearest games retailer; it was again the same case. So I decided to list our goods on the biggest online auction based website. But what I found was startling. These online auction based websites were rather one sided, depending upon the role you are playing. If you are the seller (which I was in this case), you are at the mercy of the bidders, who are always on the lookout for a bargain and try to under bid (undervalue) your item. If you are the buyer, you are out bid by others (in some cases 100 of users) on items which you really like or really need. Yet, I see millions of users on these sites listing and bidding for items. When I questioned myself and spoke to a lot of frequent users of these sites, I came to know that users use these sites just because of the fact that there is no other effective option available in the online space for them to explore.

Hence, I set about creating another option for these users. Rather than have the traditional auction based website, I set about creating a new and innovative negotiation based website, which is much easier to use and gives both the seller and the buyer control over the deal.

I hope you find this new website of great help to you in getting the most value out of the items that you want to sell, or buy an item that you want at a price that you are willing to pay.

Shiv Sundaram
CEO, Founder

Say Hello: shiv@tongln.com