FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create an account?

In the homepage you have a sign up button. If you click that button you will get a form with 5 fields to fill in. Once you have filled that out, a verification email will be sent to your email address. Once you verify your account by clicking on the link in the email, your account will be created.

Do I have to pay for sign up?

No, Signing up with Tongln is absolutely free.

Is there a subscription fee involved?

No, there are no subscription fees involved.


What items can I add to my library?

Tongln users can currently list, sell, buy, and swap the following items:

  • Books (textbooks, novels, etc.)
  • Video game discs (PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, etc.)
  • Clothes (male & female)
  • Accessories (all categories)

How do I add an item to my library?

Once you login to your account, in your dashboard you will see a “Add an item” button. You will be taken to a form where you will be allowed to add an item by filling out the necessary fields.

How do I upload photos of my item?

When you try to add an item to your collection, in the “add an item” form, you will find a “add images” options. You can upload images of your item by clicking on that button.

How do I remove an item from the library?

Browse through your Collection and click on the item that you want to remove. You will be directed towards the Item Description page. In this page on the top right corner, you will find the “Remove Item” button. Once you click on this item, the item selected will be removed from your library.

What happens to the item in my library after I complete a trade?

Once you traded an item, that item will be automatically removed from your library. If you have another copy of the item, you will need to relist the item with a new set of pictures.

How many items can I have in my library?

No limit. There is no limit to the items that can be uploaded to your library.

How are the green stats calculated?

The green stats are calculated based on information collected from various sources. Some of the websites are listed below:

Searching for items

How do I search for an item?

You can search for any books, games, clothes or accessories using the search bar which is located on top of screen.


What are favourites?

When you find item(s) you are looking for but aren't ready to begin the negotiation process, you can favourite them. By doing so, they will get saved to your dashboard. The next time you log in, you can go straight to the favourites section and begin your negotiation process from there.


How do I sell an item?

When you upload an item to your library, it actually means that you are listing your item in Tongln. It will be automatically available for users to search for and offer deals. Remember, uploading items to your library is FREE of charge; this means listing items is FREE in Tongln.

How do I trade an item?

The trade process begins with a user(you) searching for an item. Once the user picks an item from the search results that he/she likes and wants to negotiate, they simple click on the “Trade this item” button in the next page. Once they click on that button, they get taken to a Trade Planner screen, where they can design a deal which they can offer to the other participant. Once they have designed a deal, the user can send the deal to the other participants by clicking on “Send Offer”. Once the other participant receives the offer, he/she will have two options. Either to accept the offer or edit and counter offer it back to the sender. This offer and counter offer is carried out until both the parties agree on a deal.

Is there a limit to the number of items that I can trade in a single transaction?

No. There is no limit to the number of items that can be offered in a trade.

How do I buy an item?

Buying is the same as the trade process. Except, rather than trading/exchanging items, you can offer just money for the item that you want.


What are the fees involved?

If you swap items via Tongln with no money exchanged between the buyer and seller, the trade is FREE of charge. This means no Tongln fee and no payment gateway fee.

If money exchange is involved in a trade, a % commission on the total value transferred via Tongln will be charged; there is also a % fee for the payment gateway (PayPal). The fee percentages for commission and the payment gateway will vary for every deal.

Tongln is totally transparent on all fees and commissions involved for each trade. During the negotiation stage, all parties can clearly see the Tongln commission % and payment gateway fee % highlighted below each offer.


What payment methods are available?

Tongln uses PayPal as its preferred payment method. Users do not need to have a PayPal account to pay or receive payments for their items, but having a PayPal accounts helps when it comes to dispute management.


How to choose shipping?

Choosing a shipment option is done when the users who want the item, sends the first offer to the other participant. There are three shipment options which are currently available to users to choose from – Standard, Express and Pick Up. When the user searches for an item and picks an item to negotiate, before he sends the initial offer to the other participant he/she should choose the shipment method he wants the other participant to use. By picking a shipment option, this will not add any charges to the deal automatically. This is a mere indication for the other participant to evaluate your offer. When the user selects “Trade this item” from the item description, He/She is presented with the options of which shipment option he/she wants the other participant to use. Once the user selects a shipment options, using this information, the other participant can design the counter offer with a value including the shipment charge.

Where do I find the user’s address to post the item that they have requested?

The users address will be shared in the trade summary screen after the trade negotiation is finished.

Can I track the item shipped by the user?

Tracking is not a mandatory option, although we understand that sellers may not prefer to choose tracking option to keep their overhead costs low, we advise them to include tracking option to establish trust and provide good customer service to their buyers. Users can share the tracking option in the message window in the trade summary screen.


What if I did not receive an item?

We generally advise users to wait until 10 days before they contact us to raise the issue. Alternately we advise you to lodge a dispute claim with PayPal to investigate on this issue. Tongln always recommends reaching out to the user who is supposed to have shipped the item and enquiry about the status of the shipment. If the user, still does not respond to your enquiry, please reach out to Tongln with as much as information as possible and the communication history so we can take the necessary steps to find a solution to the problem.


How do I leave a feedback for a completed trade?

Once a deal is struck between two users, both the users will have the ability to go back to the offer and leave feedback about each other. We highly recommend all users to leave feedback on their trades, in this way it will help other users make a better decision on picking users to trade with.


How do I contact the administrators of Tongln?

You can get in touch with Tongln administrators through our Facebook page or by dropping us an email at shiv@tongln.com. Please allow a maximum of 48 hours for us to respond to any queries.